Turning Competitors Into Customers

If you know how to make something better than anyone else, an unusual business opportunity may be open to you– turning competitors into customers.

One thing drag racer Brad Anderson realized early in his driving career was that he could not get parts to produce the kind of horsepower and reliability that he needed. So he started making his own in his garage.

Soon, other racers were asking Brad if he could make parts for them and that was the beginning of Brad Anderson Enterprises. Over the years, with its focus on always winning the next race, Brad Anderson Enterprises grew rapidly, adding the equipment and people needed to keep pace with the demand from a growing base of admiring competitors.

“The game is to achieve a competitive advantage and then sell it to everybody. That’s our business model,” said Dennis Klimko (a.k.a “Bullet”), Mastercam programmer and CNC machinist for Brad Anderson. Today, the company uses Mastercam extensively for design and lean manufacturing strategies that keeps Brad Anderson ahead of its competitor/customers.

This is not a unique story. This scenario has been repeated many times over from products ranging from NASCAR engines, racing boat propellers, kite board racing fins, etc. Get really good at what you do and then sell your products to those who find your success enviable.

To learn more about Dennis and his work at Brad Anderson Enterprises, watch the video below:

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