Turbocharging Mastercam’s Start-up Configuration

If you’re like most Mastercam users, you’ve got a machine definition configured for each machine in your shop, and you use these same machine definitions over and over again. What many Mastercam users don’t know is how easy it is to customize the interface for each machine definition, so that every time you load a machine definition, you are automatically in your most efficient working environment.

One of the keys is to take advantage of the Toolbar state option in the Machine Definition Manager. This lets you select a specific toolbar layout that is automatically loaded when that machine definition is selected. For example, if your shop has an Integrex machine that you often create programs for, you can create an Integrex toolbar layout that automatically loads C-axis toolpaths and other useful toolbars (choose Settings > Customize from the menu).

What’s more, Settings > Customize will also let you customize which specific commands will appear on each toolbar.

Next, load the Machine Definition Manager from the Settings menu. Select the Toolbar state option and select the Integrex toolbar that you just created. Now whenever you load your Integrex machine definition, the entire toolbar layout will change to show your preferred Integrex programming tools.

Bonus tip #1: While you’re in the Machine Definition Manager, don’t forget to select default tool library and insert/holder catalogs for this machine.

You can also specify a default toolbar layout in your .config file (Settings > Configuration). A good practice is to use this to set a toolbar layout for design and drafting, and then use your machine definitions to set CAM toolbar layouts for each machine.

Bonus tip #2: You can also use the .config file to set a default machine definition for each product type to match the machines you typically program for. For example, you can make your Integrex machine definition your default Lathe machine definition. Just go to the Default Machines page and select them:

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