Training Tutorials from In-House Solutions

In-House Solutions offers a diverse assortment of Mastercam Training Solutions spanning four key product lines, each geared towards different learning styles.
The flagship Training Tutorial linefeatures 13 titles that teach Mastercam using a practical, hands-on approach. With step-by-step instruction, readers master everything from navigating the user interface to advanced multiaxis machining.
This line is complemented by Instructor Kitsthat facilitate teaching the material, video explanationsand metric versionsfor select titles. eBook (PDF) editionsare available for X4 and X5, while print versions are available for virtually every Mastercam release. Learn more about the Mastercam Training Tutorials.
For those looking to learn the theory behind Mastercam and how it works, there is the Handbook line. Three condensed titles focus on all levels of milling. They can be used as a primary resource for a Mastercam class, a self-study guide, or a shop reference.
The Handbook Curriculum adds teaching tools for instructors while the Handbook Learning Kitaugments the text by incorporating video and web resources.
The Professional Courseware lineis ideal for industrial training settings. They take an exercise based approach to teaching a handful of concepts at a time that are immediately put to practice. Less guidance is provided, allowing more opportunity for instructor direction.
For High Schools and hobbyists there is the CNC Curriculumwhich offers engaging, entry-level projects that students can design, machine, and ultimately use. Packages range from a single set of books to the premium site license.
For more information on these Mastercam Training Solutions, visit the eMastercam Store.

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