Training Options for Mastercam

The number one question we get asked at tradeshows is about training. Customers want to get up to speed quickly, learn new features, or enhance their current knowledge with some neat tricks–all so they can benefit from the power of Mastercam. The best source for training is always our Authorized Mastercam Resellers. They have the breadth of experience and knowledge of Mastercam, along with a keen understanding of the markets in their area. But sometimes you donít have the luxury of taking time away from your shop for days of training. There are so many options available for Mastercam right now; there are training solutions for everyone and every need. Below is a highlight of the printed, video, and online training courses currently being offered.
Mastercam University
Mastercam University is online video training that lets you learn at your own pace. There are currently three courses available, as well as Mastercam Instructor Certification and a STEM course for high schools. There is a new course coming that covers just the basics and is the perfect accompaniment to Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition. Also coming soon is an Introduction to Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS. A subscription to Mastercam University gives you 12 weeks of online class time. Mastercam U is your source for Mastercam Certification, as well as your ticket to job security, advancement, and better pay. For more info please visit
camInstructor provides Mastercam training products to both the Industrial and Educational markets in a variety of formats that are suited to the unique requirements of each market. Materials are offered in printed, video, and online formats. Mastercam Online Courses from camInstructor are designed and created by Certified Instructors who have over 20 years experience teaching Mastercam. Unlike other online courses, camInstructor recognizes that you donít necessarily want to be online while trying to learn Mastercam. Each camInstructor course gives you the rights to print the step-by-step course material and lessons. And to ensure that you have enough time to complete and review the training at your own pace, camInstructor online courses are good for one year. You can refer back to the course when a new project or job comes up to refresh your skills or learn new material.
In-House Solutions
In-House Solutions offers Mastercam Training Solutions appropriate for beginner and advanced users alike. Product lines include the industry-proven and CNC Software-certified Training Tutorial series that offers step-by-step instructions; the Handbook Series that takes a top-down theoretical approach; the Professional Courseware that is suitable for industrial training classes, and a selection of other Mastercam titles from acclaimed authors. Most books include the Mastercam X4 Demo/Home Learning Edition DVD but multimedia training CDs, Instructor materials, and Metric versions are also available. For the latest info on releases, tips, and free video training, visit
Streaming Teacher
Streamingteacher® provides subscription-based delivery of training materials in the form of streaming video/audio. These materials are referred to as “courseware”. There is a multitude of different courseware available, from a number of respected course developers. Founded in 2004, Streamingteacher has provided more than 5,000 subscriptions to Mastercam users around the world. Three-, six-, and twelve-month subscriptions are available for direct purchase though participating Mastercam Resellers or with a major credit card or PayPal. Visit for information on courses and subscriptions.
Tips For Manufacturing
Drawing on 22 years of Mastercam experience, Tips for Manufacturing develops video training for all levels of users. Using ìProcedureî-based training, rather than just explaining features, TFM’s training gives you a better feel for the complete process of doing your parts. For more information please visit or call (480)-986-9528.

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