Top 3 Ways to Shape the Future of Manufacturing

If you are a Mastercam user, you have the power to steer the development of the world’s most widely used CAM software. By sharing your experience, you will help us to prioritize advancements in Mastercam functionality and usability.

Feedback from our Mastercam users drives our development, so if you do not already participate in some way, please consider your options. Here are the top three ways you can help shape the future of manufacturing:

  • Join the Customer Feedback Program (CFP). The CFP shares data with us based on your use of Mastercam. We use the data only for quality and product improvement purposes. The insights we gain help us to develop Mastercam products and services that better align with your needs and to monitor hardware and software trends in the user community.
    What the CFP does not do:
    • The data collected does not include user model data or any information that could be used to recreate models.
    • This program cannot and will never collect data for the purpose of reverse engineering.
    • No sensitive, personal, or otherwise private data is gathered. Mastercam prompts you to join when you first open the software, so if you initially declined, it is easy to update your choice. Simply open Mastercam and go to File > Community > Customer Feedback Program, and then update your settings to participate.
Instruction on how to join the customer feedback program.
  • Another way you can share your experience is by completing the Mastercam Customer Satisfaction survey.
  • Become a User Experience Partner. Our User Experience (UX) team is always seeking passionate CAD/CAM professionals to participate in a variety of Mastercam research activities to improve the development of the software. These activities may include surveys and polls, focus groups, phone interviews, usability studies, site visits, and more.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity to assist the Mastercam development team, please visit to fill out a brief questionnaire. After we receive your submission, we will reach out when you match the requirements for upcoming opportunities for your participation.

Please choose the option, or combination of options, that will work best for you to help us continuously improve the functionality and usability of Mastercam. All feedback is appreciated!

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