Tools for the Transition to Mastercam 2017

Through our BETA program, we’ve found that it takes users an average of two days to become comfortable to the interface changes introduced with Mastercam 2017. We’ve developed a few tools geared towards different learning styles that can ease the transition that are free to users.

Online – Video Based Transition with Mastercam U.

There is a new course on Mastercam University aimed at introducing you to the exciting new features of Mastercam 2017. The Mastercam 2017: What’s New class shows you how to navigate through the interface, create geometry and customize your workspace. It includes exercises on frequently asked topics such as changing attributes, selection methods, and interface customization. You can contact your Reseller for this code, and they’ll be happy to provide it to you. Once you’ve received the code, simply navigate to, click on “Redeem Code” and enter in the code. If you don’t have a login on Mastercam U, you’ll will be required to create one. This course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

On Paper – Transition Tutorials on

Once you’re linked and have a login on the, head over to our Mastercam Documentation page on the web where you’ll find plenty of help PDFs, including the Mastercam 2017 Making the Switch from X9 PDF. This is perfect for the user that’s on the shop floor and needs a printed guide to help them get up to speed on Mastercam 2017, or the user that has a learning style where they prefer a physical document.

And don’t forget our Tutorials page, which has over 15 separate PDFs all updated for Mastercam 2017, for various topics that cover Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS.

In-Software – Mastercam Command Finder C-Hook

The Mastercam Command Finder C-Hook will help you find your favorite Mastercam functions in the Mastercam 2017 interface. You can type in a function name, search Mastercam 2017 for matches, and quickly launch the function by pressing [Enter] or double-clicking. After installing, you can then add it to a custom tab, add it to the Quick Access Toolbar, or assign a shortcut key.

To install:
1. Head over to the Mastercam Downloads page, click on the link and save it to your computer.
2. Extract the contents of the *.zip file into the C:Program Filesmcam2017chooks directory.
3. Launch the CHook within Mastercam.

We hope that these tools will ease the transition to those that are experiencing struggles or are resisting the change. Happy learning!