Tips for Manufacturing

Tips For Manufacturing has a long history of developing training material for CAD/CAM systems, Machine Tools, and CNC controls. Going back 30 years, the company’s owner, Mike Mattera, had developed classroom training material and a series of VHS training tapes. These days, the Tips For Manufacturing product line is focused on video training material for Mastercam. Having been involved with CNC Software since V2 (1989), Mike has seen Mastercam mature. His training CD’s bring a keen insight, reflecting the strong history of the Mastercam product line.
The Tips For Manufacturing training system is simple. You learn by watching a series of project-based videos, each approximately 4 to 7 minutes in length, and then practice the lessons in Mastercam. The focus is always on the “process”, not “feature.” This is what makes the Tips For Manufacturing CDs more practical for “real world” training. Having the training on a simple-to-use, self-contained CD offers the user a number of advantages. A few are below:

  • The CD is easy to move from PC to PC (work to home / job to job).
  • No high speed internet access is required, making it suitable for remote locations.
  • There is no recurring subscription to buy, and the CD never expires.
  • All of this make it easy to review a process quickly, when you need it.

Some of the latest training CDs available from Tips For Manufacturing are focused on Mastercam’s High Speed Toolpaths (HST). The 3D HST Surface Machining CD has been updated for X5. And the new 2D High Speed Toolpath CD is receiving great reviews from customers because of its comprehensive training on Mastercam’s Dynamic toolpaths. Both first time users and long time users will find this CD very informative. Each CD contains approximately 55 lessons, using eight different parts, in almost five hours of video.

Tips For Manufacturing’s philosophy is simple… “Why Read The Book, When You Can See The Movie”. The latest enhancements in X5 are intended to reduce programming time. But this only happens after you’ve learned how the new features work. Reading a book can be time-consuming and always leaves some things subject to interpretation. This is why most people prefer to be shown how it works. The Tips For Manufacturing videos offer the most expedient solution to your training needs.

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