Things of Beauty- Is it Really Art?

Is it Really Art? Lucien Casartelli Says Yes
MACEDON, NY– Lucien Casartelli, owner of Bella Designs, a cutting-edge furniture and sculpture studio, has a deep-seated passion for art. He uses state-of-the-art technology, including Mastercam® software, 5-axis and 3-axis robotic CNC machines and computer controlled spray booths to create his own original sculptures and furniture designs.

Lucien frequently employs CAD/CAM tools to explore the “limitless possibilities of sculpture and 3D art,” working with a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass. He said, “The software is so flexible it allows me to do anything I can think of and then some. It’s always challenging me and making me learn how I can do better.”

He acknowledges that relying on CAD/CAM as much as he does for artistic expression involves a certain amount of artistic risk: “A lot of people think that using a CNC machine to make your art is cheating. I don’t feel that is true because you are still using all of your abilities that come from within to create your art. It’s just a different way, another means to an end. Computer Aided Manufacturing is really just another tool, like a table saw; it’s just more accurate and changeable on the fly.”

But is it really art? Lucien thinks so. So does Nan Miller, proprietor of Rochester’s prestigious Nan Miller Gallery, which featured Casartelli’s sculptures in an exhibition early in 2013. “Contrast and Contours” was a mixed media exhibit that displayed Lucien’s smooth, colorful, twisting sculptures alongside metallic paintings of the Brazilian artist Hamilton Aquiar.

The exhibit was well received and Nan Miller, in a newspaper interview, asserted that Lucien’s investment in and study of advanced technologies has absolutely projected him into a “whole different level from what most woodworkers and furniture makers do. He’s capable of doing so many things that aren’t typical of someone majoring in woodworking and furniture. He has broadened his horizons tremendously. Now he can do his own thing in a way that he couldn’t have before.”

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