The First Version of Mastercam

Yesterday we posted the question, “Do you know what Mastercam was originally called?” Many of our Facebook fans took shots at the answer and a few got it right. When Mastercam was first created it was called Meghan, after Mark Summers’ (President of CNC Software) first born daughter. Meghan and Mastercam just happened to be born the same year!

The name didn’t last very long and was changed to Mastercam, but Meghan’s involvement didn’t end there. Meghan worked hard building her career in business. She got her undergraduate degree from Bentley College with a focus on Marketing and also holds an MBA in Management from Hawaii Pacific University. Today, Meghan Summers-West plays an active role in the company. As our Operations Manger, she is responsible for much of the “business end” of the company and she is ready to take Mastercam through the next 30 years!

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