The Edge Factor: Gnarly Metal

The Edge Factor is a high energy television series that brings to screen an inside look at real people using extreme technology to create the world we see all around us. You will see astounding engineering challenges that are normally invisible to the general public.

Featured in Gnarly Metal is a cutting-edge manufacturing facility (Straitline Components), which makes parts for some of the top slope-style mountain bike riders in the world. Straitline Components uses SOLIDWORKS® and Mastercam to design and cut their top-rated parts.

Straitline came up with an idea to make a new type of pedal for the mountain biking market. In an experiment, they compared a consumer grade pedal and those from Straitline. The consumer pedal bent and actually broke, which could seriously injure the rider. Those from Straitline withstood the pressure with barely a bend. And, with double the pressure, it still didn’t break!

In Gnarly Metal, Straitline is challenged with making a gyro hydraulic system that eliminates brake line cables (typically cables get wrapped around the head tube and therefore the rider can’t spin their handlebars around as much as they need to complete a trick).

Watch the development, manufacturing, and first competition test of a new design. See how Mastercam helps Straitline complete their challenge of making a gyro.

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