Thank you to all of our Beta X9 testers

X9 is Here!

Now that Mastercam X9 has been officially released, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you that participated in the beta program. We very much appreciate your efforts and feedback that helps us produce a better product.

The X9 project was shorter duration than recent releases, but still contained more than 4000 discrete work items and that adds up to a lot of new and updated code inside the product. We made approximately 300 changes to the Mastercam X9 software over the course of the public beta program and around a third of these changes originated from our customers and reseller community.

Why we do a Beta Program

Our beta program spanned two phases, a closed beta through a series of technical previews which are issued to registered beta testers and a public beta where anyone with current maintenance can download and try the new version. We are welcoming more participation in the closed beta program so if you would like to get involved earlier with the latest software, please contact your reseller. The first technical previews for X9 were made available in Fall 2014 and the final PC shipped in mid-May 2015. More than 2500 of you downloaded the beta releases.

Mastercam X9 will be the last of the X series of releases. Future releases will reflect the year in the version name. The next release is scheduled for the Spring of 2016 and it is going to look quite a bit different, so keep an eye for more news on this later in the year. Technical previews will be available in the Fall followed by a public beta program early next year. That is the plan at the moment, but like anything in the future, the details could change.

Your Input is Critical

Our forum has been a big help in allowing us to interact directly with many of our customers so make sure to sign up at We’ve also issued surveys with each beta release and you have given us some great data that will help guide what we do with the product in future releases, so please keep it coming. More than 500 of you responded to our surveys during the X9 cycle and more than 2000 have responded to the more general customer satisfaction survey (also see the link from the Help menu in Mastercam).

What’s Next?

During the course of the Mastercam X8 release we issued 4 updates containing a total of about 45 changes to respond to maintenance and support requests from our customers. In terms of updates for Mastercam X9, we expect to follow a similar pattern. Small incremental updates will be made available via the Auto Update Service and also on the download area at We do not expect to issue a formal MU at this point.

Stay Connected

Videos and details about what’s new and available with X9 are on, check it out to find out more!

Once again, on behalf of the entire development team here at CNC Software, please accept our thanks for your feedback and help in delivering Mastercam X9. We very much appreciate your input and ,even if we can’t act on it immediately, we do factor this into the planning for future Mastercam releases.

David Boucher | Director, Product Development

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