Tell Me a Story

CNC Software is systematically incorporating Dynamic Motion Technology into new toolpath designs and selectively into existing toolpaths where they can be used produce better results. In addition, toolpaths with existing dynamic motion strategies are continually being refined to make them even more intelligent.

In essence, the dynamic toolpaths are going to school and as in many good classrooms, the learning process frequently begins with the telling of a story. Here is an example of one:

I am the owner of the Mastercam Mill product and I have heard and observed that the dynamic toolpaths sometimes create increasingly thinner and thinner peninsulas of material that can become unstable and ultimately bend into the path of the cutter when it moves over to the other side. The toolpath should be able to recognize that it is about to cut a peninsula and alter its cutting approach, especially if thin peninsula wall deflection will possibly become an issue.

The Mastercam product development team has a long list of stories like these that they are working down. They are continually reflecting on these and writing better stories with happier endings. As they do, existing dynamic toolpaths are becoming even more intelligent and useful:

  • Dynamic toolpaths are becoming smoother.
  • Navigating better in tight spaces.
  • Making better decisions about where to go and what to do next.
  • Selecting better approaches to the material.
  • Making micro-lifts away from the material during dwells that could generate additional heat.
  • Maintaining more continuous contact with the material.
  • Making more intelligent selections when presented with several options.
  • Reviewing nearby material for possible cleanup actions before traveling to a different area

A story is generated anytime Mastercam developers are trying to capture a small enhancement to the software. Then there are epics. An epic is a massive collection of stories that define the behavior of a new toolpath that is currently in development or envisioned for the future. At present, there are a number of epics unfolding in the Mastercam story mill. These will see the light of day, perhaps in the next release or several releases down the road.

Bottom Line: Look for epic Dynamic Motion Technology improvements in the next release of Mastercam.

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