Tech Tip for Mastercam Lathe: Turn Profile True Arc Fitting

Mastercam’s Turn Profile feature (Create, Turn Profile) has been improved. Prior to Mastercam X4 MU1, the Turn Profile feature often generated many small arcs where it would be preferable to have one large arc in the geometry. This occurs because the profile is initially computed as a polyline to which the arcs are ‘fit’ in a subsequent step.
A new feature that fits ‘true’ arcs and lines to the polyline has been integrated into Mastercam X4 MU1.

‘True’ arcs and lines are entities that exist in the wire frame construction geometry used to create the solid, or that are part of the edge curves of the solid. By attempting to fit these arcs and lines to the profile, a much more accurate representation of the geometry can be generated in many cases.

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