Tech Tip: Creating Tool Lists using ActiveReports

You can use ActiveReports to create a detailed or summary tool list from a tool library. Detailed reports include tool names, material, size, and all other parameters entered when the tool was created in Mastercam. Summary reports list tool numbers, tool types, tool names, and insert/turret information.

Open the
Tool Manager.

To create a detailed report, right-click in the tool list area and choose Import/export tools, Detailed Report. Or choose Import/export tools, Report for a summary report.

Right-click in the Part window (upper window) to create a list based on tools in the machine group. Right-click in the Library window (lower window) to generate a list from all the tools in the library.

You can then use the ActiveReports Designer to customize either of these tool reports by modifying their templates. For more information about creating or modifying templates with the ActiveReports Designer, see the tutorial Creating Setup Sheets with ActiveReports Designer, available from your local Mastercam reseller.

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