Streamingteacher Release 6 for Mastercam

Streamingteacher has released Mastercam training for Version X5. Being first in the online training market for Mastercam has provided time to make many discoveries about how people learn. Most individuals who use Mastercam have considerable pressure on them to be productive while migrating between versions. So they need a way to learn as they go, in a user-friendly, on-demand format. Providing this is Streamingteacher’s #1 goal.

Searching is a key feature of Streamingteacher. Our system is database-driven, and it allows you to search for specific lessons or topic segments. When the pressure is on, finding the solution quickly becomes paramount. You are able to keep track of what training segments have already been completed. Those segments can be re-opened and studied again any time during your subscription.

At each update, Streamingteacher evaluates the sequence for training because as the Mastercam software becomes more advanced, the workflow changes. For example, if a user learns V9 methodologies and attempts to apply those in X5, they would not be using the software to its fullest potential, so the order and content of training is structured based on the Mastercam version.

Video QC (Quality Control)
While Streaminteacher prepares courseware for each subsequent release, we QC existing videos, sample files, and downloads to make sure that they are accurate relative to the new release, modify those that are necessary, and add new content.

Hybrid Training (On-Line and Classroom)
Streamingteacher is designed with hybrid training in mind. Our training, in combination with your Mastercam Reseller’s training programs, has proven to be highly effective. Access to Streamingteacher before, during, and after will fortify what is learned in the class. If your instructor is familiar with
Streamingteacher, they can provide you with specific segments to focus on after the class.

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