Spotlight: Workshop for Warriors

Realizing the Dream
A few years ago, Hernan Luis y Prado decided to take action in the fight against unemployment among this country’s armed forces veterans. Many of the jobs they held before military service were no longer available. Others, both men and women, found they did not have the skills that “fit” those jobs that were available. Luis y Prado, is, himself, a former United States Navy Officer.

He saw the need for a facility dedicated to training veterans in a way that would give them the skills demanded by the more than two million manufacturing jobs that were just waiting for capable people. With his wife, Rachel, he set up an organization he called Workshops for Warriors in a small, leased facility. His pleas for assistance resulted in several of America’s leading businesses coming through with funds and equipment. One of the first to respond was Mastercam, with a couple of CAD/CAM workstations and training for the organization’s staff.

Today, Workshops for Warriors is housed in a 28,000 square-foot facility in San Diego, right across from the San Diego Naval Base. With a two million dollar equipment inventory and three practical laboratories and two classrooms for teaching CAD/CAM, CNC milling and turning, as well as welding, Warriors from recent conflicts and from those dating back to the 70’s are graduating into the workforce.

Stepping up to the plate once again, Mastercam has donated another twelve workstations and the latest Mastercam X6 software. And, yes, training for the instructors was included. Once their full funding target is realized, Workshops for Warriors will graduate more that 950 students each year. They will not be looking for work because they will have jobs waiting for them. Hernan Luis y Prado’s dream has been realized.

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