Some Improvements to Mastercam Design

Mastercam X7 Design sees a suite of new features aimed at increasing your shop floor productivity.

Modify Solid
The new Modify Solid Feature function allows you to create bodies and/or remove features from solid models that do not have any operation history. To create or remove a body, select the face of any feature, including bosses and open pockets, on the solid model. Mastercam recreates the feature in a new, independent solid body and leaves the original solid unchanged, or eliminates the feature by modifying the original body.

Modify Solid Fillet
Use the new Modify Solid Fillet function to quickly change the radius of fillets in solid models that do not have any operation history. You can apply your changes to sets of tangential fillets or fillets with matching radii.

The radius value in the dialog box is populated by the first fillet you select. When you select fillets with different radii, they are edited to match the value of the first selected fillet.

Remove Solid Fillet
The Remove Solid Fillet function removes fillets from solid models that do not have any operation history. You can select and remove fillets individually, or in groups of tangential fillets or fillets with matching radii.

2D Fillet Clearance Offsets
A new Additional Clearance distance option has been added to the Fillet Entities and Fillet Chain ribbon bars. This option is only available when the fillet style is set to Clearance.

The maximum allowable value equals 95% of the fillet radius. If a larger value is entered, the value will automatically be changed to equal 95% of the fillet radius. The distance is measured along the fillet radius from the intersection of the entities.

Solid Hole-Axis
The new Solid Hole-Axis function creates axis lines in circular holes in solid bodies, with or without history. Hole-axis lines are created using your current system attribute settings (line size, color, etc.). You can also create related geometry (points and circles) using the options in the dialog box.

You can use this function on any cylindrical hole, open or closed. You can create hole-axis lines on the following types of cylindrical holes

  • Through holes
  • Blind holes
  • Holes completely encased by the solid
  • Split holes

Choose Solid, Hole-axis, set your options in the Hole-axis dialog box, and select the wall (internal face) of each hole where you want to create the live axis line(s). The axis lines, points, and circles remain live until you click Apply or OK. While the lines and related geometry are live, you can work in the dialog box to make any changes. The changes you make display in “real time” as you work. When you are satisfied with your results, click the Apply or OK button to set the axis lines and geometry.

Xform Project Improvements
New controls have been added to the Xform Project dialog specifically for projecting onto a surface. Particularly useful when working with small parts, Mastercam now prompts you to increase your default tolerance to attain the best results. In addition, you can choose between projecting blended splines or attempting to match the number of source geometry pieces to the number of projected entities.

Surface Fillet Improvements
To improve the workflow, the Surface Fillet dialog boxes now include a Preview button instead of a Preview check box. In Mastercam X7, the dialog box will open more quickly and allow you to modify the parameters without first trying to process the fillet result. You can then choose to see a preview by pressing the Preview button. The Preview button only provides a snapshot of the current settings. Any changes made after are not reflected until you click Preview again.

You can also select the Auto-preview check box to automatically preview modifications in the graphic window. When you modify values in the dialog box fields or perform actions in the graphics window, the results are immediately updated.

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