SOLIDWORKS World 2013 was held in Orlando, Florida last week. Dassault and SOLIDWORKS always put on a first rate event for customers, resellers, and partners alike. This is a great event for Mastercam because we get to meet with so many customers, resellers, and partners from all over the world. As the Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS product has developed, it is uplifting to hear customers get so excited about our upcoming X7 release that will now support turning applications in addition to all types of milling. Our customers are so passionate about the work they do, it is nice to be able to share in their process. Mastercam was thrilled to have ISCAR in our booth helping to demonstrate Mastercam Dynamic Milling and their ISCAR ChatterFree and FeedMill tooling. Both companies worked together to develop exceptional toolpaths that take advantage of superior tooling.

A highlight of the event’s general session presentations was the death-defying aerospace project of Felix Baumgartner’s “One Giant Fall for Mankind.” Art Thompson from Sage Cheshire went through the process of how Red Bull Team Stratos took the project from conception to design and execution. When they showed the video of Felix standing in his pod, high above the earth and about to step off, it truly took my breath away (it actually made me feel a little nauseous). The room was completely silent when you could finally hear the booms when Felix broke the speed of sound. Amazing. Once again, SOLIDWORKS demonstrated how people are using their products to do exciting things. This project seemed to fit the Dassault slogan: “If we ask the right questions, we can change the world.”

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