Skilled Mastercam Hands Graduate from SWIC

Mark Bosworth is the Industrial Technology Coordinator at the Industrial Technology Center located at Southwestern Illinois College Center in Granite City, Illinois, and oversees programs ranging from Precision Machining to Industrial Maintenance, Commercial Maintenance, and Pipefitting. Taking on the challenge of revitalizing its machining program, Bosworth knew the first thing necessary to start building the new program would be to obtain CNC equipment and corresponding programming software systems. “We purchased three Haas CNC machines and ordered a few seats of Mastercam and in the first year we just offered classes in CNC programming and basic Mastercam. We currently have eleven CNC machine tools, and offer four CNC programming classes and three Mastercam classes.

SWIC currently has more than seventy seats of Mastercam licensing, with twenty-two of the seats used in the three Mastercam courses on campus, while the remaining seats have been placed in local high schools to help bolster their machining programs. This encourages interest among high school students to focus their education toward careers in precision machining. “A major part of the program, and the students’ success,” says Bosworth, “has been the great support from Mastercam. Without their support, it would have been very difficult for us to reach our goals. The folks at Mastercam’s Education Division, especially applications engineer Will Slota, are always available to answer my questions and guide us through some of the more difficult projects.

According to Bosworth, there are two roles for Mastercam at Southwestern Illinois College. The first is to help recruit new students. That is achieved through the placement of all those Mastercam seats in the area’s high schools. “The second role of Mastercam,” he says, “is to expose our students to the most-used CAD/CAM programs in industry. The students here at SWIC learn everything from basic design to multiaxis programming. After they complete all the courses they have a very good understanding of Mastercam and many go right into a programming position at one of the region’s manufacturing companies. Without Mastercam, it would be very difficult to provide graduates that could help industry grow and prosper.”

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