Showing off Some Blade Expertise at Westec 2012

At Westec 2012 we’ll be spotlighting one of our newest products, Mastercam Blade Expert. This new add-on for Mastercam Mill targets some of most complex and specialized 5-axis challenges – generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine screws. These types of multi-bladed parts are used in many industries including power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion. Machining these complex shapes usually requires special multiaxis equipment, but Mastercam’s Blade Expert is specifically designed to generate the necessary toolpaths for many of the different multi-blade configurations.

Stop by booth 2612 to see an overview or get a one-on-one demo of Mastercam Blade Expert or any of the Mastercam family of CAD/CAM products. Hope to see you there!

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