Second Public Beta Now Available

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened!

We’re preparing to release our second Public Beta, which includes additional refinements and addresses issues that we’ve gotten directly from your feedback. Watch this space – we’ll be releasing the next Beta shortly.

In the meantime we’re continuing our weekly early look at some highlights.

Today we’ll look at two items which can help dramatically improve your mill programming.

  • Universal radial chip thinning. Mastercam X9 delivers radial chip thinning for a variety of milling toolpaths. This helps you program efficient feeds and speeds while maintaining targeted chip thickness. More efficient milling and better use of your tools.
  • More powerful Dynamic Motion. We continue to broaden our successful Dynamic Motion technology. This includes optional conventional cut feed rates for zigzag motion, letting your climb and conventional cuts run at separate feed rates for finer control of machine dynamics in certain materials. If you haven’t started using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths, now’s a perfect time to start!

That’s just a quick look at two powerful elements in X9. To experience the full suite for yourself, join in our Public Beta.

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