Saracione Manufacturing Co.

World famous fly reel designer and manufacturer Joe Saracione has refined the design of his latest classic fly reels (the Mark IV series) so that 90% of the parts can be manufactured in a single setup.
Previously, fans of the Saracione fly reel could only purchase the product direct from the manufacturer because there was not enough margin for the retailers to want to carry the product. That is no longer the case, because Mastercam allows Saracione to produce a modern, high tech reel at prices that allow for very competitive pricing in both the retail and wholesale markets.?
The Challenge: Improve manufacturing productivity so that a classic fly reel manufacturer can compete effectively in a global market place.
The Solution: Mastercam Mill, Lathe, and Reseller training
  • Mastercam training provides fast transition to more profitable multiaxis manufacturing.
  • Mastercam’s Solids module allows for efficient designing of entire assemblies.
  • Fine control over toolpaths eliminates secondary operations while improving overall cosmetics and product quality.

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