SAM Tech Students Advance at Full Speed

Once an automotive machine shop known throughout the racing world for building high performance engines that helped take titles and win trophies, today SAM Tech is known as the School of Automotive Machinists and Technology and is accredited by ACCSC and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. The Houston, Texas school offers, in addition to CNC Machining, courses in Engine Block Machining, Cylinder Head Machining, EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Tuning and Motorsports Welding. The school has excellent facilities and equipment for teaching CNC machining, including multi-axis machining centers and 19 seats of Mastercam in their CAD/CAM lab that let them accommodate up to more than a dozen students in the morning and afternoon classes.

The CNC Machining course takes seven months to complete and begins with a detailed explanation of G codes and then moves into Mastercam, starting with basic 2D and simple wireframe design and progressing to more advanced modeling, solid extrusions and blocking out surfaces. Once they have that under their belt, students move into toolpaths, starting with simple drilling and face milling and then on to high-speed operations. Toward the end of the course they complete their CAD/CAM training with advanced 5-axis operations such as those used for precisely machining cylinder heads.

In addition to classroom instruction, all students enrolled in the CNC Machining curriculum are required to take the Mastercam University CAD/CAM courses as homework assignments. Mastercam U, offered by Mastercam, provides certificates of achievement as students pass a series of basic and advanced exams. All graduates are Mastercam CAD/CAM certified, as well as having earned SAM Tech’s own CNC Machining certification.

Students graduating from SAM Tech have gone on to work at some of the top names in the racing industry. Some have come to the school specifically for the CNC Machining program and have gone on to excellent careers in other industries where component precision is critical, such as Oil Field, Medical and Aerospace.