Rod Millen Keeps Winning with Mastercam

The Rod Millen family of companies represents the cutting edge in automotive technology development and application. Their three company organization excels at developing advanced automotive technologies, applying them to the design of winning race cars.

Out of Huntington Beach, California, Millen’s topnotch team is backed up by the latest engineering, design, analysis and CAD/CAM software. They are nationally known and respected, and have developed techniques in each specialization which builds superiority into the end result.

In Millen-designed competition vehicles, minimizing weight in racecar parts is one critical factor in winning.Weight affects handling, acceleration, braking, and total car performance. To reduce weight, parts are designed with minimum safety factors. As a result, team engineers manage life time and distance for each part individually to ensure safety and reliability.

Large numbers of these parts are not required, but accuracy, finish and speed of production are of the utmost importance. Many parts are machined directly instead of casting or other secondary operations, often saving time and money. But for this phase of Rod Millen production to be successful, the CNC machinist must produce a part with complex surfaces quickly and without mistakes – and much of this burden falls on Mastercam.

Mastercam’s features such as easy solid modeling, quick 3D rough toolpathing, and intelligent feed rate optimization keep production at maximum efficiency and enable Rod Millen machinists to accomplish the engineers’ goals. Rod Millen Motorsports is winning with Mastercam.

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