Roadmap for Mastercam X5 Files

After upgrading to Mastercam X5, you’ll notice that many of the files you work with every day are in new locations. Default operation files, tool libraries, configuration files, and even C-Hooks were moved to improve compatibility with Microsoft Windows standards. But where have all the files gone? Check out the Mastercam X5 File Location Card, included with your Mastercam X5 package. It’s your roadmap to finding the Mastercam files you’re looking for.

One side of the card organizes the files into three categories, grouped by color for easy lookup:

  • Files that can be accessed and changed by all users
  • Files that can be accessed and changed by a single user
  • Files that may be accessed by all users, but not changed, such as program files

The other side is a complete alphabetical list of locations for all file types, including regen files, batch files, and machine and control definition files, and more.

You’ll also find this card in the Mastercam..Program Filesmcamx5documentation folder as a PDF file, so you can reprint copies.

Post this handy reference at all of your workstations until you get used to navigating to the new file locations.

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