Relief for Those Who Straddle CAD and CAM

Some CAD/CAM users live mostly on the CAD side of the tracks. Others stay mostly on the CAM side. For both of these classes of users Mastercam is equipped with a myriad of translators that allow for relatively fast, clean fast transitions from CAD into territory CAM.

There is also a third class of users who find themselves moving frequently back and forth between worlds of CAD and CAM all day long. For these product developers and prototypers the additive impact of all these back and forths can amount to a substantial loss of time and ratcheted frustration. For these users, we have developed Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS– CAM that lives inside of CAD, with automatic updating and virtually no transition time, no matter what direction you are moving in.

Nolan Farmer, Owner, Farmer Plastics & Machining, Jamestown, CO, is that sort of user. A long time user of both SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam, he began using Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS shortly after it was introduced in 2009. As an example of the advantages integrating Mastercam within the SOLIDWORKS environment farmer cites his award winning 1/5th scale radio controlled bike. Many of the original parts were designed and programmed using the standalone versions of these products. He said that this was a slow and painstaking process. However, during the past two years, working in Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, Farmer has brought his pet project through three design iterations and is in the process of manufacturing six bikes. The concept has won races and garnered praise from radio-controlled biking enthusiasts.

Farmer said, “I’m guessing that I am dropping a third to half the time of programming. And I’m probably eliminating 80% of the mistakes when I actually cut the parts.” This gains are very significant since his mainstream business is picking up and he is adapting his integrated design and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy the requirements of “paying customers.”

Watch Nolan tell his story in this video:

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