Rediscovering CAM

Exploring underused CAM features that can improve moldmaking productivity and trim operating costs.

Moldmaking shops have it rough. They face continual market pressure to shorten delivery leadtimes and reduce labor and material costs, while maintaining or improving their already high quality standards.

CAM software developers also are under a lot of pressure. They serve three masters: (1) customers, who are of course, the top priority; (2) CNC machinery builders; and, (3) tooling manufacturers who routinely ask for expansions and improvement to current offerings.

So there is a lot is happening in the world of CAM technology. Some of these rapidly emerging developments could have the potential to dramatically impact a moldmaking shop’s profitability. They fall in two general categories: (1) new CAM features that reduce CNC programming labor and (2) new developments that improve CNC throughput and quality.

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