Record Sales Quarter

CNC Software announces that Mastercam sales for the 1st Quarter 2007 have been the highest in the history of the company (23 years). New Mastercam seats, customers updating to the current release, and Mastercam’s Maintenance program have all contributed to the company’s record quarter.

CNC Software also reports that sales for 11 out of the past 12 months have beaten the previous sales records set for each month since the company started in 1984. “The sales trend that we are experiencing shows that Mastercam customers, new and old, are not only taking advantage of the many enhancements that we have offered over the past 2 years, but are also profiting because of them,” says Steve Bertrand, Director of Corporate Sales. “In addition to new seats sold, we are experiencing an increase in orders for additional seats of Mastercam from existing customers, which is a true testament to this fact.”

Mastercam X originally released in August of 2005, was redesigned to reduce programmer interaction and increase machining flexibility. This release, along with the introduction of the Mastercam Maintenance program, the delivery of Mastercam X2, and recently X2 MR1, have resulted in a record year in 2006 as well as the record 1st Quarter 2007. Says CNC Software President, Mark Summers, “As in the past, we will use our success to reinvest in the company, in Mastercam, and in the success of our users.”

CIMdata Inc., an independent research firm, has reported that Mastercam has been the #1 CAM software package for the last 13 years (based on software seats installed).

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