Quickly Access New Mastercam X3 Features

You may have noticed a new toolbar when you loaded Mastercam X3. The What’s New toolbar consolidates many of Mastercam’s latest functions in a single, easily accessible place. Go to Help, What’s New in the Mastercam menu to view some of the new functions that Mastercam X3 has to offer. These functions are also available in their normal toolbars, but the What’s New toolbar gives you a chance to review them quickly and get a feel for what they do.

Take a few moments to browse the toolbar and explore Mastercam’s newest features. If you want to review the operation of a specific function in detail, you can access Mastercam’s Help or open the What’s New in Mastercam PDF that is installed in the Documentation folder in your Mastercam folder.

NOTE: If you migrate your toolbar settings from a previous version, the What’s New in X3 toolbar will not be available. If you turned off the toolbar, you can reactivate it by going to Settings, Toolbar States and checking What’s New in X3 under Show these toolbars. Some of the options in the What’s New toolbar and menu are available only if you have certain products enabled on your Mastercam SIM.

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