Public Beta- Ribbon Bar Basics

The most noticeable change in the Mastercam 2017 interface is the switch from traditional toolbars to the Ribbon Bar. What’s the difference? The Ribbon is designed to help users find functions more quickly. Related commands are organized in logical groups which are collected under tabs. Commands under each tab are arranged from left to right, starting with the more basic commands and moving to the more complex. In this example, you can see that the Mill toolpath ribbon bar moves from Contour on the left through Multiaxis on the right:

A quick click brings up a graphical gallery of other options. Here we can see additional 3D options displayed:

Beta users have averaged roughly two days to get used to the revised interface, with the overwhelming result that they feel the new structure makes their workflow faster and more efficient.

Want to try it out for yourself? Download your copy today!

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