Protect Your Mastercam Investment and Take Advantage of Incredible Savings

With the upcoming introduction of Mastercam X6, the Mastercam X release will no longer be supported and you will not be able to purchase the latest Mastercam version at preferred rates. If you are a Mastercam X user and you update your system to Mastercam X6 now, you can take advantage of the special pricing available only to current Mastercam customers, which provides significant savings. The deadline to update your Mastercam X system is December 31, 2011.

Mastercam X was created and released almost a full decade ago. The technological advances and time-saving techniques added to not only Mastercam but machine tools and tooling in that time are numerous. Although Mastercam X still gets the job done, you’re missing out on dramatic enhancements, features, and toolpath motions that weren’t available at that time.

Just a few of the latest enhancements include:

  • New roughing strategies that can increase productivity by 75% or more.
  • Dramatically faster solids programming with Feature Based Machining.
  • Better finish and longer tool life with new High Speed Toolpaths.
  • The power to open a variety of CAD files, including native SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and SolidEdge files.

And that is just the short list. Check out the complete list of advancements and time-saving tools included in Mastercam X6 at and don’t miss out on the chance for incredible savings while keeping your Mastercam investment intact.

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