Promote Manufacturing Careers By Being Proud Of What You Do

By James Wakeford, Barefoot CNC, Mastercam Reseller for the Carolinas

We all need to take a soul-searching look at the vital role that manufacturing plays in our culture today and stand up and let others know what a great business we are in (without being obnoxious about it, of course). There are so many ways that we can make ourselves known in our communities and on the national scene. It is encouraging to see television series like “Orange County Choppers” and “The Edge Factor” depicting some of the most rewarding aspects of careers in manufacturing.

You might have some ideas that would provide material for these and programs like them. Or, you might become involved in one of the many industry-sponsored competitions; there are many ways your company can become involved. Check out the Wounded Warriors program that helps disabled veterans establish careers in our industry. Every time you show your pride in manufacturing, you are doing your part in getting manufacturing up on the public’s radar screen and strengthening the CAM manpower supply chain. Doing your part could be as simple as talking up manufacturing to friends and family, or your children and their friends when the opportunity arises.
Recently I made a visit to the far end of the CAM Workforce Supply Chain, (my daughter’s) kindergarten. I was one of the dads that kids drag in to tell the class about what they do for a living. I must confess I was getting flashbacks from the waning years of my formal education, listening for the sound of heavy feet stomping down the corridor and into this classroom to haul me back to the office. (I was one of those kids who couldn’t sit still.) But they never came. So I settled down and told them about what I do, how interesting and how much fun it is to work with computers and program machines to make the products we use in the home or to build schools, factories and highways and even defend our country.
As I was talking I could see some of their eyes light up. Perhaps for the first time they were hearing about an important and rewarding career path that they might want to follow. I was just being proud of what I do and these bright young minds were taking it in.
When it’s on your radar screen, opportunities to build our CAM Workforce will present themselves more often than you can imagine.

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