Program Your Robot as Easily as a CNC Machine with Robotmaster

For nearly a decade, Robotmaster has been showing the manufacturing industry what can be achieved when the power of CAD/CAM software is combined with the flexibility of 6-axis robots.

Using Mastercam Mill or Router, Robotmaster enables creation of the simplest to the most complex robot trajectories accurately, without teaching points. Programming the robot trajectory is done graphically, using the same process and tools used for CNC machines.

Robotmaster Version 5 continues to innovate with new tools to effortlessly program and optimize robot tasks, producing error-free robot paths. Here are just a few examples:

Workspace Analysis (WSA) takes the guesswork out of optimally positioning and orienting the part.

Tool Tilt Optimization (TTO) provides visual tools and full control of tool tilt angles and direction to avoid collisions and optimize robot motion.

Rail Optimization simplifies programming for robots mounted on rails by providing tools to maximize the entire workspace and discover the full potential of such a setup.

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