PRI Races Toward the Finish Line

Thanks to everyone who’s come out to see us at the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando! The show winds down tomorrow, so if you’re planning to attend the show please stop by to see us!

There are two big highlights for us at any show. One is working with our friends and collaborators in the machine tool industry, where we team up on machining projects from the show.

Here’s a cylinder head being machined live in the Centroid booth:

And here’s a completed Mastercam-programmed cylinder head as seen in the Mazak booth:

As we mentioned, there’s a second highlight for us at shows. That’s the chance to talk to our friends and collaborators who are Mastercam customers. We took the opportunity for a little after-hours down time by hosting a meetup for local Mastercam users:

We hope to do similar meetups at most of our shows, so when you’re planning to go to an event keep checking our blog, FaceBook or Twitter feeds for where and when to meet us!

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