Powerful Swiss Programming

Swiss machines can be complex. With multiple spindles, work pieces, tool turrets, and operations moving and interacting simultaneously, they can pose challenges to efficient programming. Mastercam Swiss Expert streamlines Swiss programming. It’s completely solids based, with no need to create additional geometry for driving toolpaths. You can even import and use intermediate files and models that show the part at different stages of production.
Mastercam Swiss Expert is designed to control a variety of Swiss-style NC machines, and is popular with watch-making, medical device, dental, automotive, and electronics companies—all known for the requirement of extremely small but very precise parts. Developed in our new CNC Software office, located in the region of Switzerland where Swiss-style machines were invented, it is known for supporting an unlimited number of axes and channels, and for realistic simulation of the entire machine and its tools.

Tools for Easy Programming

Efficient cutting means more than just programming a toolpath. Swiss Expert gives you the tools you need to streamline your process, such as:

  • A complete understanding of your machine for easier programming, from toolpaths to synchronization to simulation.
  • Save tools and cutting strategies into libraries for future use on similar or families of parts.

Fast and Accurate Simulation
Mastercam Swiss Expert lets you safely simulate your project on a virtual machine before it reaches your shop floor. A few features include:

  • Full simulation of every moving part of your machine, including material, main and sub spindles, all tool holders, and part handling devices.
  • Automatic collision detection to detect collisions before damaging expensive equipment.

Synchronization Made Easy
Mastercam Swiss Expert has all of the tools necessary to graphically optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions. A few features the Sync Manager provides are:

  • Drag, drop, and sync operations to one another.
  • View all machining patterns and modify them on the fly if necessary.
  • Expand and contract the timeline for trouble-free viewing of the part process.
Tool Management

A Swiss machine’s tooling presents its own set of challenges. Mastercam Swiss Expert gives you all of the flexibility you need to meet these challenges in a powerful tool management environment. You can:

  • Select tools from our large library of pre-defined tools or create your own.
  • Access tools used in previous projects and choose specialized tool holders from the library of machine-specific components.
Watch Mastercam Swiss Expert in action in the video below.

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