If you are a Workholding manufacturer and would like to partner with Mastercam, please contact us.

Raptor was created by manufacturers for manufacturers.

We know your daily manufacturing challenges as we experience them as well. We created Raptor to make our job easier and wanted to help others benefit from this innovative product.

Raptor dovetail fixtures are the original patented dovetail solution to your 5-axis workholding needs. Our fixtures mount directly to any machine and allow the fastest changeover of any workholding solution. A locating pin ensures your part is placed accurately and quickly. The patented dovetail clamping system quickly locks the part in place for extreme clamping strength and rigidity without distortion or clamp creep. It is so easy to use that the clamp can be tightened with a simple hand tool, so the tighter you make the clamp the more secure the hold.

The parts you make come in different shapes and sizes and so does Raptor. From our Micro Raptors solution for small parts, to our Raptor Rails and Raptor Tombstone solutions the can hold multiple parts or a single workpiece as heavy as 150 pounds, and multiple sizes in between. Raptor 5-axis fixtures are in stock and ready to ship, so you can get the job done.

Spend your time making parts, not figuring out how to hold them. Use our solid models to aid you in your programming. Simple and fast.

We have products available for 30 day trials too.