Overcoming Your Manufacturing Proficiencies

This may seem hard to believe, but there are some manufacturers who are too proficient for their own good. That was certainly the case for Aerotech Machining, Inc., a job shop specializing in multiaxis machining of high-end components for the aerospace and agricultural equipment industries.

Here’s how the company’s owner, Joey Jones, explains it: “We took great pride in being able to program our Mazak’s conversationally or with G-code. Then, one day I ran into a seemingly simple problem that had me stumped. It involved engraving some longhand text— the word ‘open’— along a curvature. A friend of mine who worked at CAD/CAM Solutions, Atlanta’s Reseller for Mastercam, volunteered to write the program and send it to me. Ten minutes later, he not only sent me a program, but it was already posted to go to my machine. I bought my first seat of Mastercam that afternoon.”

“Today, we use Mastercam to program all our CNCs from 2-axis turning to 5-axis milling. Our advanced Mastercam capabilities have been instrumental in our ability to pursue and capture high-end 5-axis aerospace machining work. Our maintenance license allows us to take advantage of free upgrades and support, and we feel like our Reseller is a partner in our business.”

Today Aerotech, and many companies like it are working closely with their resellers to identify and adopt new Mastercam capabilities that will help them expand their manufacturing capabilities, improve productivity and reduce costs. They are not going to let being very good in the way it used to be done get in the way of getting even better using the latest CAM technology.

Are you in a similar position? Are you stuck in a rut of doing things the same way you’ve been doing them for several years – without taking the time to research if there may be better, even more efficient ways of machining? If so, maybe it’s time to explore what Mastercam X6 has to offer you. Check out some of the latest features here.

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