Options for Creating Letters in Mastercam

If you’ve ever used the Create > Letters function, you know you can select from the Mastercam letter fonts:

  • Block
  • Roman
  • Box (default)
  • Slant

But did you know that you can also use any of the Mastercam note and text fonts?

  • Stick
  • Hartford
  • Roman
  • Old English
  • European
  • Palatino
  • Swiss
  • Dayville

You can also use custom fonts created in Mastercam, or, in addition, any TrueType® font installed on your workstation.

To use one of the Mastercam note and text fonts, simply select it from the font list:

To use a custom font created in Mastercam, select MCX (Other) Font, then select the proper Font folder.

To select any TrueType font, click the TrueType(R) button and select the font and style:

Note that if you select a Size, it will be overridden by the Parameters—Height setting in the Create Letters dialog box.

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