One and Done Beats Shipping

Carolina Precision Components
, Inc. of Granite Falls has been using Mastercam to enhance its CNC programming and manufacturing productivity since 2008. At a time when many job shops were going out of business because of the economic downturn, Carolina Precision was growing because word was getting out that this shop was turning work around very quickly—often in one to three days. As work volume increased, the company began exploring many other ways it could use Mastercam to improve its manufacturing efficiency.

One of the most recent explorations is looking into how the company can improve efficiency and lead times by taking advantage of “one and done” manufacturing. Some of Carolina Precision Components most recent additions have been advanced manufacturing systems including 5-axis mills and lathes with live tooling. John Johnson, who oversees creating the programs for this equipment, has posted dozens of examples of these, sometimes micron precision, sculptured components on the company’s Instagram page.

For many of these jobs, Mastercam’s CAD for CAM capabilities are invaluable for creating workholding solutions that help resolve complex tool presentation and reach issues that allow expensive parts to be manufactured in a single machining operation. With increased frequency, many of these one-off projects have turned into production manufacturing contracts. When this happens, the programmers use Mastercam to go into a complex part program and shave off seconds and fractions of a second of “dead time” throughout the program to enhance profitability. Recently, Englert took a three-hour cycle down to two and a half. For a 500-part run, that is a substantial gain.

Today, Carolina Precision Components has 37 CNC machines that are still being supported by a programming staff of three people. That is likely to change as work continues to flow in. Improved one and done efficiencies of multiaxis equipment are allowing the company to capture business (one offs and tens of thousands of parts). Its quality and pricing is so competitive that it is more economical to buy the part locally than pay for shipping.

Want to learn ways to reduce your cycle time please talk with your local reseller.