New Toolpaths in Mastercam X5 MU1 for SOLIDWORKS

The X5 MU1 version of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS adds a slew of surface roughing and finishing toolpaths, which you can find on the MastercamX5 tab of the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager.

Surface roughing toolpaths typically use larger tools, multiple step overs, and multiple step downs to remove large volumes of stock, while leaving an even amount of stock for finishing. Surface finishing toolpaths, on the other hand, typically finish a part down to the drive geometry (or to the stock-to-leave amount, if one is specified). The following pictures show the surface rough and finish toolpaths that are included with Mastercam X5 MU1 for SOLIDWORKS.

Each toolpath provides the parameters you need to cut your parts efficiently and with exacting results. The parameters available depend on the toolpath you choose. For example, the following picture shows the dialog box for the Surface Rough Contour toolpath.

Just click the Help button in a parameters dialog box to find detailed information on these powerful toolpaths and their parameters.

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