New Online Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Course

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKSThe new Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS® online course is now available from Mastercam University. This course provides Mastercam X4 CAM functionality within SOLIDWORKS. Inside SOLIDWORKS, you can access 2D and 3D toolpath strategies along with high speed toolpaths and fully automated Feature Based Machining for milling and drilling features.
This course consists of six modules:
  • Getting Started which walks you through preparing Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS and the part file.
  • Design for Toolpaths uses SOLIDWORKS to create geometry, emphasizing geometric and dimensional constraints for controlling toolpaths.
  • Essential Machining–Parts teaches toolpath strategies, creating toolpaths on parts, and toolpath control.
  • Essential Machining–Assemblies teaches toolpath strategies, creating toolpaths as assemblies, and toolpath control.
  • FBM Toolpath introduces Feature Based Machining to automatically program pockets, contours, and drilling routines.
  • 2D High Speed Toolpaths presents HST toolpath techniques for shorter cycle time and better part finish.
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