New Multiaxis Product Manager at CNC Software

CNC Software recently appointed a new product manager to lead the way for our Multiaxis product. To meet the demands of this ever increasing technology, our Multiaxis product now has it’s own development team led by Karlo Apro. Karlo has written the book on multiaxis machining, so to speak.  He is the author of the recently released Secrects of 5-Axis Multiaxis Machining and has more than 30 years of experience in NC programming. For the past 15 years Karlo has specialized in high-end multiaxis applications and plans to assemble a complete multiaxis toolset for Mastercam.

I am very excited to take this new position here at CNC Software. I have big plans to improve Mastercam’s Multiaxis product with the perfect balance of user-friendliness and power.” – Karlo Apro

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