New Mastercam Lathe Plunge Turn Tutorial Available

The latest tutorial from CNC Software, Inc. focuses on the new Mastercam X5 Lathe Plunge Turn toolpath. This toolpath is designed for special plunge turn tools only–specifically, the ISCAR plunge and turn inserts. The toolpath’s purpose is to add lateral movement to groove-style toolpaths. To do this, the Plunge Turn toolpath compensates for the change in cutting depth caused by the insert’s deflection when transitioning from a plunge move to a lateral move.
ISCAR and Mastercam have worked very closely to develop Mastercam X5’s new Plunge Turn toolpath. ISCAR’s plunge and turn tools have long been the industry standard for producing highly efficient grooving and turning toolpaths on lathe parts. These types of inserts are less rigid and provide the flexibility to plunge and turn in the same operation without breakage.
However, due to the complex motion and cutting methods required, use of these tools was typically relegated to manual programming. With Mastercam X5 Lathe, clearance values, options to eliminate hanging ring burrs, and wide step avoidance have been added to support the ISCAR plunge and turn tools.
The new tutorial covers the following tasks:
  • Setup stock in the spindle
  • Create OD, face, ID, and angle toolpaths
  • Preview the toolpaths using Backplot and Verify
  • Post the toolpaths and review the NC code
This is a module of the Mastercam Focus Tutorial Series. The series focuses on a specific Mastercam feature—for example, Setup Sheets or FBM Drill, and teaches basic and advanced skills.
Other tutorial series include:
  • Getting Started Series: Introduces general Mastercam functions and teaches basic skills for getting started with Mastercam.
  • Exploring Series: Explores a single Mastercam product—for example, Mill, Solids, or Wire, and teaches in-depth skills for working with the product.

The Mastercam tutorial series is in continual development, and we will add modules as we complete them. For information and availability, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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