New 5 Axis Machining Course Offered Online just released a new online 5 axis machining course taught by CNC Software’s own Karlo Apro. Karlo “wrote the book” on multiaxis machining and in this course he not only offers a comprehensive overview of multiaxis machining, but also uncovers the essentials of programming multiaxis equipment—letting you in on the secrets to the depth and breadth of these machines.

Who could benefit from this course?

Managers and Supervisors
This course is ideal for those tasked with implementing multiaxis CNC technologies to gain an understanding of the different configurations, road blocks, and minefields. Learn about the investment that must be undertaken to utilize your multiaxis equipment: CAM software, machine simulation, tooling and fixturing, probing, setting up the machines and training your workforce.

Programmers and Machinists?
Taking this course is a great prerequisite for eapprentice’s other multiaxis courses. It will help explain the big picture first, with the theories and concepts of 5-axis machining before delving into the complexities of multiaxis programming, setup, and safe operation.

Course Overview
Karlo introduces the various CAM functions built into Mastercam software. But this course is not just about Mastercam, it is for anyone responsible for the implementation of 5-axis technologies and wants to understand, at a high level, what multiaxis machining is all about.

Best of all, you get to join Karlo live during eapprentice office hours, where, on scheduled special dates, Karlo will join the eapprentice panel of experts to answer your questions LIVE. Upon purchase of this, or any course from eapprentice, you have access to the course material forever.

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