More New Cutting Strategies in X5 Lathe

Continued from a recent post on Mastercam X5 Lathe enhancements, here are even more new features.

Turn Profile True Arc Fitting
Often using the Turn Profile feature, many small arcs are generated where there should only be one large arc in the geometry. This occurs because the profile is initially computed as a polyline to which the arcs are ‘fit’ in a subsequent step. A new module has been integrated into Mastercam X5 Lathe that fits ‘true’ arcs and lines to the polyline. ‘True’ arcs and lines are entities that exist in the wireframe construction geometry used to create the solid or that are part of the edge curves of the solid. By attempting to fit these arcs and lines to the profile, a much more accurate representation of the geometry can be generated.

Roughing Toolpath Improvements
Tool Inspection – After successfully adding tool inspection to groove toolpaths, we have added similar functionality to the rough turning toolpath. This feature allows tool inspection between depth passes, after a specified cut length, or after a specified time.

Exit Amount – Rough turn strategies can now accommodate open space at the end of a toolpath. We have added an “exit amount” operation parameter that extends the cut beyond the stock by the amount specified.

Boring Bar Holder Improvements
Mastercam’s verification and collision checking has been enhanced to create a more accurate visual representation of boring bars, while still maintaining accurate collision detection.

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