Monster Day at CNC Software

We had a special visitor at CNC’s corporate office today. Racesource’s Pablo Huffaker and Aaron Basl stopped by, and brought along a couple of friends – Gravedigger and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Pablo is a Mastercam user and was the celebrity judge during our last educational “Innovator of the Future” contest.

Mastercam’s Karlo Apro helps Pablo reverse engineer a new carburetor.

Gravedigger pulls up to CNC Software. The small wheels allow the truck to be driven in and out of the trailer.

The guys from Racesource unload Gravedigger, bringing CNC Software to a temporary halt.

CNC Software Vice President, Brian Summers, approves of the Mastercam logo he found on Gravedigger’s base.

A look at what’s under the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s shell.

CNC Software’s Brian Summers eyes the long line of crushable employee cars. Tempting!

After letting CNC Software employees look into (and poke at) every nook and cranny of his trucks, Pablo Huffaker still took the time to sign autographs for dozens of his fans at CNC.

Gravedigger’s shocks were featured in our last “Innovator of the Future” contest. Students competed to design a shock, with Pablo Huffaker choosing the winner.

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