Moldplus Products – Continuing to Make a Difference

Moldplus V10.5 MR2 SP1 is the first release for Mastercam X6. The Moldplus Service Pack is a radical improvement of the previous Maintenance release by offering new tools for managing your curves and vectors for 5-axis machining and toolpaths. Moldplus has also enhanced the Electrode maker collision detection with a new graphical method that automatically detects collisions with cloned electrodes.

The new release gives you the ability to easily:

  • Create curves and vectors on complex parts with a few clicks
  • Rotate/manipulate the vectors
  • Move curves and vectors as needed
  • Simulate the trajectory using a tool (standard or custom tools with spindle/machine head, etc.) and simultaneously check for collisions

These allow the end-user to prepare the geometry in a fraction of the time previously required.

The Moldplus 5-axis toolkit also offers other powerful functions, such as:

  • Automatically align/set all the surface normals outwards or inwards in 1-click
  • Easily split exterior and interior shells of Solid models in 1-click (independent of plane direction)
  • Create tangent and draft extensions on the exterior edges of parts and perform advanced radius analysis on complex parts.

Moldplus is continuing to add new functionality and efficiencies based on market demand and are improving the existing features with enhancements and interface changes. Please visit to review all the features and contact your local Mastercam Reseller for more information.

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