Moldmaking Technology Sponsors Leadtime Leader Awards

The Leadtime Leader Awards honor outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while raising the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management.

We encourage you to participate in this contest because by taking the time to gather the necessary information about your shop, you have developed a concrete document that outlines in detail your shop’s achievements, business levels, future plans, etc.

Enter the competition here.

How your shop will benefit from participating:

  • Industry recognition and credibility
  • Attract new customers and add value to your overall service and product
  • Boost morale in the shop
  • Distinguish your shop as an industry leader and promote your shop’s capabilities and services on sales calls
  • Build confidence with new and existing customers
  • Increase awareness and reinforce your brand
  • Realize business growth as you continue to enhance and develop your mold build process


  • Any shop performing moldmaking operations is eligible.
  • All application submissions will be considered.

Deadline for Entry: January 21, 2013

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