Meghan West Reflects on MFGDay 2016

Last Friday was an important day for Mastercam, for manufacturing, and frankly, for the future of our country. Manufacturing Day was held at facilities all around the country, and CNC Software was proud to participate. This is our 5th straight year of hosting students, teachers, and interested individuals at our Corporate headquarters in Tolland, CT. We had over half a dozen schools participate and several additional drop ins. The day started for each student with a presentation in our training room about what manufacturing is. It is amazing to me how this industry has become somewhat of an underground career. Unless you are in a family that has a connection to manufacturing, it is a mysterious, unfamiliar sector, regardless of the opportunities it has to offer.

We continued the day with a tour of our Manufacturing Lab (machine shop) which had several machines actively cutting parts. It was a great opportunity to show students what an actual shop looks like, and what types of parts they might be able to produce. I was impressed by the questions that were asked, and the level of engagement the students displayed. Following the shop tour, we explored the rest of the building and spent time explaining all the different departments that it took to produce, deliver, and support software that is used by manufacturing facilities worldwide. I know that each and every student walked away with more knowledge about the industry than what they entered with. The final stop was the gym, which had several videos playing that defined some of the career opportunities in our industry. It was great to see the students eyes light up when they learned they could be a part of making instruments, cars, or even history.

I walked away from the office that day feeling inspired and hopeful. I had gratitude for the teachers that cared enough to offer their students a glimpse into our world. I had respect for the students that asked questions and inquired about something unfamiliar. And I had pride for all of the people that work at CNC Software and took time out of their day to share their passion for manufacturing with the next generations. Not every day is a good one, but last Friday, that was a great one.