Meet the Mastercam Summer Interns – Part 2 of 4

We are delighted to welcome a total of thirteen interns this summer to work in departments including software engineering, facilities, corporate training, post processing, applications engineering, marketing, creative services, sales, technical services, and human resources. In this post, we’ll introduce you to three of these students who will be joining us to shape the future of manufacturing and gain valuable professional experience.

Please take a few minutes to get to know this talented group of Mastercam summer interns!

Lineisha Rosario

Lineisha Rosario

Department: Post Processing
School: Northeastern University
Major: Advanced Manufacturing Systems

This summer, I am returning for another internship at CNC Software. One of the factors that influenced me to pursue a degree in advanced manufacturing systems was my curiosity to know how cars, airplanes, and anything related to automation were created from beginning to end.

After I graduate, my dream profession is becoming a post processor engineer. I do have experience with Mastercam.

My goal as an intern at CNC Software this summer is to obtain more knowledge from the post processing department.

Adam Velardi

Adam Velardi

Department: Applications Engineering
School: UConn
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I am interested in creating things and designing things, so mechanical engineering seemed to be the best way to do this. I would like to work somewhere where I am constantly learning new things.

I am familiar with Mastercam. Most of my experience is with 3-axis machining. However, I have seen it being used with lathes and always found that very cool.

I hope to gain more experience with CNC machining this summer, as well as learn about what goes on behind the interface.

Anna Morson

Anna Morson

Department: Human Resources
School: UConn
Major: Psychological Sciences

My favorite classes in high school were psychology and sociology, so I knew I wanted to major in something similar. I enjoy working with others and learning about the communication side of business, which are my two minors, so I found Human Resources to be a perfect fit.

After I graduate from UConn, I would like to attend graduate school and get an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources, with plans to work in the field.

I do not have experience as a Mastercam user. I am excited to learn more about CNC Software and gain experience working in a professional setting. I would like to showcase my skills while also learning new skills I can implement in the future.

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